Just run with it

I have a love/hate relationship with running. In theory, running is perfection. It’s the human equivalent of learning to fly. It’s your body’s way of taking flight and building a healthier body with every step. I love the idea of it. Lacing up your shoes, turning on your stopwatch and sprinting out the door. Motivation is what I hate about it. No one’s pushing you to eat healthy. A trainer isn’t telling you to stay on your workout schedule. A coach isn’t telling you to do one more lap. It’s all up to you.

Running is for everyone. If anyone argues, they just haven’t fallen in love with it yet. There’s a mysterious pull that draws you back on the track or out on the treadmill that simply can’t be explained.

I’ve been a runner all my life. I competed in track and soccer in middle school. In high school I ran cross country and track and played soccer. In college, I missed that. I missed the competition and the daily workouts. I missed the early morning runs and late night ice-baths. I missed the feeling of success and accomplishment after a long, hard run. Little did I know, I could obtain all that and a free Tiffany’s necklace if I just started running again.

Me and Cronkite Grad Berenise Solorio

Last week, I competed in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. And you know what? I’m hooked. I’m never going to stop. I’m already looking ahead to what’s next.

ASU all the way

Here are a few upcoming races to get bit by the running bug that are fun and challenging:

10.27.12 PHOENIX, AZ- Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA Half Marathon + 5K Walk & Run

11.4.12 TEMPE, AZ- Congenital Heart Walk

11.4.12 SCOTTSDALE-TEMPE, AZ- Women’s Half Marathon

11.10.12 PHOENIX, AZ- Third Annual Phoenix Sister Cities 5k Run and Family Walk

11.10.12 PHOENIX, AZ- Zombie Outbreak Run

11.10.12 BUCKEYE, AZ- Cahoots Mud Run (ASU Student Discount)

11.17.12 PHOENIX, AZ- Dirty Girl Mud Run

11.17.12 SCOTTSDALE, AZ- Mad Mud Run

12.16.12 PEORIA, AZ- Desert Classic 30k, 5k, and 30k Relay

Also, plan for the Rock’N Roll Marathon and IMS Arizona in 2013.

Free Training Plans

If you haven’t tried running, try it. If you haven’t tried racing, sign up. If you need a running buddy, let me know. Lace up those running shoes, Devils!

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