The Spartan Race: Sign up today!

Our friends at the Exercise and Wellness Organization at Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus are not only amazing at promoting healthy lifestyles, but they also host events to inspire wellness and help get students special fitness deals for activities on and off campus.

Photo via Exercise and Wellness Organization ASU DPC Facebook

Have you heard of The Spartan Race? It will be held in Chandler, Ariz. on Saturday, February 9th at 9 a.m. The race is a 5k obstacle course consisting of mud, barbed wire, rope climbing and fire that’s as much of a mental test as it is physical.

Spartan Race Motivational Video via the Spartan Race Website

The event normally costs $120 after all fees, but as a Downtown Phoenix ASU student, you can receive a reduced rate and transportation for only $40 for the first 100 participants.

For every additional student after the limit, non-Downtown students and friends, the cost will be $87 at the time of sign-up and $15 given after the race.

How to sign up:

  • Come visit the table for the Exercise and Wellness Organization at ASU DPC on Taylor Mall today from 11:30-12:30.
  • “Like” the Exercise and Wellness Organization ASU DPC on Facebook to add yourself to the event and for general club information. Also join the OrgSync group, using your Campus ID to log in and visit their page.
  • You must present your ASU ID at registration.
  • Have a credit or debit card handy.
  • If you are signing up a friend, you must have his or her student ID as well.
Training Tips
  • Start running. Since you’ll be running a 5k in addition to the obstacles, you need to make sure you’re aerobically ready. Start with small distances and try to fit running, biking or elliptical in four days a week. Make sure to include some sprint workouts for speed to help lower your time.
  • Strength train your upper body. Practice push-ups, pull-ups and rope climbing if possible in addition to your cardio workouts.
  • Get the right gear. Make sure you have the proper shoes for an outdoor running event. You’ll need a shoe that has good stability for quick movements and is comfortable enough for the distance running.
For more information on the Exercise and Wellness Organization at ASU DPC, how to join the club or help with registering for the event, send an e-mail to
Sign up, Devils! Show those Spartans how it’s done!