Kale Nutrition: Fact or Fiction?

Kale, anyone?

So what’s the big deal about kale? You’ve probably heard about the numerous diets that incorporate kale as a main contender in the realm of “healthy” vegetables. But what, exactly, makes kale healthy?

Let your immune system indulge.

Let your immune system indulge.

The truth is, kale has too many benefits to list. Kale is probably one of the best vegetables you can eat, despite its indistinct taste.

Firstly, kale has a lot of nutrition benefits for your daily health!

For one thing, one cup of kale contains about 20 percent of the recommended daily value of dietary fiber. In this way, it’s an ideal diet component. So, if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, throw some kale into a smoothie – it takes on almost any flavor!

One cup of kale also provides 1,327 percent of the RDA of vitamin K, making it one of the best options for bone health and nervous-system maintenance. It also provides 192 percent RDA of vitamin A and 88 percent of vitamin C. Vitamin A is vital to reproductive organs, and vitamin C protects against eye disease.

And secondly, kale also has long-term preventative health effects!

Kale is considered to have one of the highest amounts of carotenoid and flavonoid antioxidants amongst vegetables, making it a star defender against cancer. These antioxidants fortify your cells against free radicals that upset the balance in your body.

It’s also known to work with your liver bile to lower cholesterol. So, if cardiovascular disease is in your family history, regularly eating kale can help prevent against heart attacks.

So now that you know kale is, indeed, quite nutritious, you’re probably wondering where you can get kale if you live downtown and how exactly to incorporate it into your diet.

Phoenix Public Market’s featured open-air market is a great option for downtown residents looking to buy kale. They generally have a wide variety of vegetables that come straight from local farms at an affordable price! Other options at a comparable price to the farmer’s market are any of the other main grocery stores around central Phoenix.

But how can you eat kale? Here are some cool recipes:

The Coconut Twist Smoothie – Combine kale with coconut milk, chopped pineapple and a banana. It’s divine.

The Minty Blue Smoothie – Combine kale with blueberries, cashews, pitted dates and mint. Reach new heights.

Kale salad – Slice kale, red pepper, onion and cranberries with a raspberry dressing. If you’re feeling adventurous, toss on some feta cheese! It makes for an interesting addition.

Kale chips – Chop kale into pieces, sprinkle olive oil a touch of sea salt on top and throw this masterpiece into the oven. It does the trick every time.

As you can see, kale is quite the vegetable. Not only does it promote the health of some of the most important body functions, including the cardiovascular, reproductive and vascular systems, it also boosts your metabolism and protects against cancer! It really is the one-stop shop vegetable. While I’m not a big vegetable person myself, I make it a point to drink that kale smoothie or munch on those kale chips. It’s an investment in my health and, ultimately, my future! I urge all downtown Phoenix residents to do the same.