There’s a time for everything: Mindfulness

As a college student, the majority of all assignments are a race against the clock; every second counts. The phrase, “timing is everything” really does apply to every aspect of life, and during this time in life, it matters even more.

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Which brings us to the question: What is time? It’s something we’ve invented, but how does it apply to your health? Think about the amount time you spend exercising. What about the number of hours you slept last night? The more time you spend doing both, the better, right? Did you know that your life-span is positively impacted by getting a college degree? Although the late nights spent studying and the copious amounts of coffee to recover the next morning may not make it seem that way, collegeĀ graduatesĀ on average live two years longer than people who do not have a degree. While this isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, this is where mindfulness comes into play.


There are many definitions for the term mindfulness, but all encompass a theory of raised awareness. Being mindful in life means being aware of your time, activities, feelings and emotions; all are important to your mental and physical well being. By focusing on being mindful of the time in your life, you can apply a better sense of knowledge and awareness to help you find balance.

  • Past: Everyone has met that person who cannot seem to get out of the past. They focus their attention on memories and previous moments and don’t let go. Be mindful of the past but do not dwell on it. You are not defined by who you used to be, the experiences you had or the choices you have made. Be mindful, but move forward and look to the past for motivation.
  • Present: Live in the moment. Be mindful of the present and live your life with a veracity for each new day and every new experience. If there is something you’d like to try, do it. If there’s something you’re afraid to say, say it. If there is somewhere you’d like to be, go. Enjoy the present while it is yours.
  • Future: Have goals. Make plans and then laugh when they don’t work out the way you intended. Be mindful of the future and do not fear it. Embrace something new and enjoy the path you take to get there. Take steps toward your goals and always have something you’re working toward.

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Be mindful of your time, Devils. And enjoy every minute!